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Welcoming our new engineer, the gentle giant, 

Stephen P aka "Tiny".


 How to prevent Carbon Monoxide in Your Home!

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced by burning any carbon-containing material, including gasoline, propane, or coal. CO is very dangerous; it replaces oxygen in the blood and interferes oxygen to cells in the body. Making sure your home is safe from Carbon Monoxide is easy!

Know the risks of carbon monoxide.

Anything that burns a fuel; such as a furnace, fireplace, generator, gas appliance or car can produce Carbon Monoxide.

Keep your vents clear.

During and after a storm, make sure nothing is obstructing the outside stack or vent for your dryer, stove, furnace and fireplace.

Prevent admissions in your home.

High-quality ventilation is critical to avoiding CO poisoning. Do not start a car, fire up a grill or stove, or run a generator in a closed area.

Schedule regular maintenance

Make to select expert tradesmen to install your fuel-burning devices and set up the appropriate venting for each device.

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How to prevent damp in your home!

Keep your home warm.

Condensation is the leading cause of damp. Condensation occurs when steam comes in contact with a cold surface, such as a wall or a window. Double glazed windows, underfloor heating or wall and roof insulation are the most cost effective changes you can make to your home.

Use the appropriate paints and finishes.

Water-resistant paints and wallpapers really help in the prevention of damp and mold.

Leave to ventilate. Opening windows and doors on a dry, warm day will allow air to circulate through the house.

Look after the outside of your home.

Keep on top of outdoor home maintenance, such as keeping your gutters and drains clear and functioning. Avoiding these tasks can cause leaks, structural damage or rising damp.

Avoid creating moisture.

Simple tasks such as doing your washing can out your home in risk of damp. Hang your washing outside away from the house or fit in a tumble-dryer. After using the shower, even dabbing the moisture off the mirror can help keep your home damp-free!


To our very own roofer Zeb, for completing Tough Mudder 2017!


Tip Top Review! 25.04.2017

I just wanted to let you know that the Engineer (Mickey) who came to me last Tuesday, was brilliant.

I have had ongoing issues with my boiler since November with each engineer replacing a part in boiler but not resolving the issue as boiler continues to stop working!

Mickey was the first engineer to ask to look at my tank , where he found the reason for the boiler stopping frequently.

Unfortunately as at the time he came the boiler had started up again ( very random) it was unable to be fixed.

Mickey explained why the boiler wasn't working and I full understood this , a first! Well done .

He was polite and courteous throughout. More than can be said for the engineers I had from another company whom I refused to have back in the house as they were rude and I felt intimidated with them in the house .

Once again thank you for sending such a brilliant engineer, and if my boiler stops again I sincerely hope its Mickey who comes to fix it as I have confidence in his ability to fix it once and for all 😀.

Kind regards

B Donovan

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Tip: How to choose the right man for the job!

The first thing you need to do in selecting the right trader is to search companies around your area. Use the internet, local papers and ask your friends and anyone who has recently had work done in their home. "Trust a Trader", "Which Trusted Traders" and "Check a Trade" are three of the main websites that help you decide who's best for the job.


5 ways to unclog a toilet!

Important- Don't flush! If your toilet doesn't flush properly the first time, don't flush a second time. Flushing again will only result in more water entering the bowl, and may cause the bowl to overflow. Instead, close the toilet flapper located inside the back of the toilet and looks like a circular drain stopper with an attached chain. Closing the flapper will stop more water entering the bowl.

1. Plunger.

Use a high quality plunger, and vigorously pull and pull until the water starts to drain. Be patient, it may take 15-20 times to unclog. Finally flush to see if you've been successful.

2. Enzyme Product.

Find a product that contains a mixture of enzymes. Enzymes will liquify and break down waste materials. You may have to wait overnight for the enzymes to work their magic. Follow product instructions.

3. Homemade drain unclogger.

Add a cup of baking soda plus 2 cups of vinegar to half a gallon of boiling water, and let cool to drinking temperature. Do not pour boiling water down the toilet, as very hot water can crack the porcelain. Pour from waist height to help force the obstruction. Leave mixture overnight.

4. Wire coat-hanger.

Unravel a wire coat-hanger, wrap a old rag over the top, covering and sharp ends from damaging the porcelain, and secure it with tape. Put your covered hanger into the toilet drain as far as reachable, then twist, pull and push to break up the obstruction. This method will only work if the obstruction is in the reach of the coat-hanger.

5. Chemical drain cleaner.

Gently pour the instructed amount into the bowl, avoiding contact with your skin, and close the lid to prevent fumes. Avoid using a plunger with this method so as not to spread chemicals spreading outside of the toilet.

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